Franklin Mint / 2002 Corp Military Humvee M966 / 1:24th Scale

Olive Drab & Camouflage

From Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom, it’s been the soldier’s best friend -- as a troop carrier, ambulance or an assault vehicle capable of engaging the enemy on virtually any terrain. This sensational 1:24 die-cast model captures every extraordinary feature of the real Humvee -- from the fully detailed engine and realistic interior to the intricate undercarriage. The hood and all four doors open and close. There is operable steering, and both the front and rear suspension systems are fully functional. You can lift open the rear hatch lid, fold down the front bumper and tailgate. The armament ring rotates a full 360°. Hand-painted in authentic camouflage, and equipped with scale-size re-creations of machine guns and TOW missiles. Move up to the front lines of collecting!

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Part #: A870

Condition: Mint in the illustrated box w/ papers

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD! Thanks Gary

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