Franklin Mint / 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 Convertible / Ltd. Ed. 5,000 / 1:24th Scale

Tripoli Turquoise

    This is the 1968 Chevelle Convertible in tripoli turquoise, limited edition 5,000. Trimmed out in a light beige/off-white, the seats offer a nice contrast to the Tripoli Turquoise exterior. The crossed rear seat belts are fabric and have realistic belt buckles on the ends. The front units disappear into the floor beside the driver and passenger's seats. There's very good detail on the dash and console and even the shift pattern is readable. Of course there is less eye-entry once the 'up top' is in place but opening the internal-hinged doors grants the owner still-decent views. Trunk detail is well defined with a spare in place and simulated jack stand base securing it to the floor. The trunk lid features jacking instructions and caution labels scaled from the 1:1. FM uses chrome metal-foiled "SS" badging on the rear of the car just below the trunk lock, on the grille and a nicely scaled and shaped "Chevelle" script insignia just below the front hood opening. This is FM's first Chevelle with redline tires and rally wheels.

    The exterior paint, earlier mentioned, is beautiful. Applied evenly and smoothly, it contains the right amount of scaled-in metallic. The gloss factor is well achieved. The bottom section of the body is gloss black separated by dual white stripes. Thin over slightly thicker stripes, they run the length of the body from rear to front where they soar upward and over the car's angular nose. 1968 marked the first year for body side markers and FM made sure that the front amber marker received the proper "396" moniker. FM's doing a great job on their chassis detailing and the SS 396 convertible shows this well. Brake cabling in thin metal wire, 'build marks' on the drive line and working suspension all help 'sell' the realistic sense of the model's precision art. But it's the under-hood craftsmanship that sells the model. The big block exhibits great care in scaling wires, heater hoses, warning labels and vacuum hosing details. The antenna is thin, short and sweet and the stance looks good to my eye.

from the "Garden State Chevrolet" Franklin Mint Collection

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