Franklin Mint / 1954 Corvette Roadster / FM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale

Sportsman Red

The first three years of this American icon make a great collection in itself. The three models are almost identical except that each model year is a different color. This is in keeping with those offered by Chevrolet at those times. The 1953 was white only and the model is perfectly accurate in Polo white with red interior. The 1954 is red with red interior and the 1955 is blue with tan interior. These were unsophisticated automobiles and the models represent this well.

There is good detail in all areas of the model but wiring is lacking in the engine compartments and dash dials, but the wire mesh headlight screens help make up for this trivial omission.  Doors open along with hood and trunk with steerable wheels.

from the "Garden State Chevrolet" Franklin Mint Collection

Part #: WN71

Condition: Mint in the Box

Price: $49.00

Status: In Stock

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