Franklin Mint / 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible / Spring 2004 Rally Car / Limited Edition 3,000 / 1:24th Scale

Black w/ White Interior

Pontiac took a standard production line car and added heavier duty suspension and engine enhancements, applied the Italian GTO term and started the muscle car revolution.

The GTO is well done overall. The highlights include working coil spring suspension front and rear and operational shocks at the rear. The interior boasts a soft seat 'feel' with folding seats and a nicely done wooden steering wheel. The 3-D gauges are nice. The engine bay details  - the plug wiring and battery cables are grand and the fuel lines look terrific. The master cylinder vacuum hose and radiator hoses lend extra realism. The model comes with the 'up' top and the covered 'down' top. 

  • Part #: D022

    Condition: Mint in the box w/ papers

    Price: 0.00

    Status: SOLD! Thanks Bob

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