Franklin Mint /  Harley Davidson "Easy Rider" Ultimate Chopper/ 1:10th Scale

Red, White & Blue

Model being offered features the correct license plate shown above. Other version says " EZ"

(BillyBike on left w/ yellow flames available separately. Easy Rider center)   

  The Franklin Mint diecast of  the "Captain America" bike captures all of the detail you expect. From the fully wired handle brakes & throttle to the delicate shift linkage on the foot pedal. The V-twin engine has correct wiring and springs to control this roadster including the front extended forks. The front "pumper" shocks actually work. It doesn't say Harley anywhere on the bike but it doesn't have to. You get the idea.

Part #: WL73

Condition: Excellent with no original box. Includes helmet.

Your bike will be double boxed, first with tissue & peanuts, then placed in another box for shipment.

Price: $249.00

Status: In Stock

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