Franklin Mint / 1956 Ford Thunderbird / Limited Edition 1,000 / FM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale

Goldenglow Yellow

  Aside from the low limited numbers of the diecast, the appeal of the replica is the beautiful application of the paint, smooth and bright. The chrome-trimmed continental kit spare adds a dimension of sparkle also. With black and white interior, the car takes on a rich contrast and with the hard top in place, its bright white paint makes this issue a stand out. The fit lines are all close and the doors are suitably tight. There’s a prop rod for the hood while the trunk lid stays open on its own. Mounted to its floor is the limited edition plate. To access it simply pull the continental kit rearward and open the trunk lid. Once closed, push forward to snap it closed.

  The grill insert is made from photo-etch metal. Under the hood FM added the chrome dress-up kit, popular for the day and it adds a modicum of spice to the engine bay. The engine detail is well defined albeit devoid of wiring and complete plumbing. It is amazing what a different color can do to liven up a diecast that we have been used to looking at for a period of time. This is a great example of what the right color on the right car can do.

Part #: E010


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