Franklin Mint / 1967 Ford Mustang GTA Convertible / 1:24th Scale


I find precious few shortcomings on this fresh-looking and very well done replica. The door hinges are of old style and I wish they were painted black to better conceal them. The hood hinges are of older tech as well and the sunvisors are static. But those are about the only small nits I can pick. The choice of subject matter is clean, new and delightfully pleasing to the eye. The color choice is excellent with what appears to be Mustang’s Clearwater Aqua metallic contrasted by saddle tan interior and boot with a beige up-top. Redline tires lend another layer of color to the palette as does the triple white striping at the bottom of the rocker panels. The ride height stance is spot on even with a fully working suspension. Other niceties include photo-etched wipers, doorsills and buckle-ends on fabric seat belts. The tire patterns are deeply etched and get this, chrome foil badgings on the hood lip and trunk edge! Fourth and 20 and they convert to first and goal. The trunk has a nicely made spare and jacking instruction label and great detail on the dual twin-tailpipe ends. The interior has a lot to like. The gauges are fully readable and so is the radio and console mounted auto shift pattern. Good detail is found on the door panels as well.

The engine area is detailed well and FM has put the “Ford” branding on the hoses, caution labels where they need to be on the fan shroud, and instruction stickers on the shock tower. The battery is cabled and the rest of the engine is plumbed and wired. The antenna is delicately scaled and so is the GTA emblem on the front fender sides. Both the up-top and boot fit perfectly.

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