Franklin Mint / 1905 Rolls-Royce 10HP "Little Sue"  / Limited Edition 1,500 / 1:16th Scale


In 1905, Charles Stewart Rolls and F.H. Royce introduced their very first automobile...and the most distinguished name in automotive history was born. The partnership between Rolls and Royce ultimately gave rise to "The Best Car in the World." Now, the first car issued under their name comes to life in a definitive die-cast re-creation of the Rolls-Royce 10hp. The detail is astonishing. From the familiar Rolls-Royce radiator grille, virtually unchanged for 90 years, to each spoke on the artillery styled wheels. From the intricately designed replica of the two-cylinder engine under the bonnet, to the gear and brake levers mounted on the side. Equipped with steering and road wheels that actually turn. Make an impression with this historic milestone.


Serial #314

Part #: E797

Condition: Mint in the Box w/ Papers

Price: 0.00

Status: Out of Stock

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