Franklin Mint / 1908 Thomas Flyer 100th Anniversary Edition - "The Great Race" / Limited Edition 1,908 / 1:24th scale

White w/ Muddy Base

On the 100th Anniversary of the longest automobile race of all time, it’s the legendary Thomas Flyer – the greatest transcontinental racer looking like it did when it crossed the finish line in 1908. We’ve matched every detail to the original: from the hand-crank that revved the 4-cylinder engine to the spare tires lashed to the body, to the vintage-style lanterns and 45-star U.S. flag. The model is hand-assembled and hand-finished for that grit-and-grime look of the car that just finished a 22,000-mile trek from New York to Paris (via Siberia) over the world’s toughest terrain.

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