Franklin Mint / 1948 Harley Panhead / 1:10th Scale


It rocked the world in 1948. Now it will rock yours. The first Panhead. The machine that established Harley-Davidson as the premier post-war motorcycle manufacturer. Recaptured in phenomenal detail. From the "wishbone" tubular frame, to the rear fender mounted saddlebags. As well as the chrome-plated rocker covers that resembled upside-down cake pans, from which the nickname Panhead was inspired. Complete with a seat upholstered in real leather. And loaded with authentic operating features that include operable springer-front suspension, and kickstand, tank shifter and brake pedal that actually pivots. Hand-painted in authentic Harley-Davidson® colors.

Presented by Franklin Mint Precision Models in association with Harley-Davidson® on the 50th Anniversary of this classic Harley-Davidson®, this definitive die-cast re-creation of the legendary Panhead is assembled by hand from more than 150 separate parts.

The first motorcycle engine with hydraulic lifters, the Panhead engine replaced the legendary Knucklehead engine in 1948. Before the Panhead, all OHV motorcycle engines had mechanically-actuated valves. The new hydraulic lifters were designed to compensate for expansion, due to engine heating and for inevitable valve-train wear while effectively eliminating lash and noise.

In 1948, there was a variety of Panhead models to choose from. Three versions were offered for each displacement size. The 48FL bike had a 74 cubic inch solo twin engine with 7:1 compression. The bikes came with a standard four-speed engine, although a three-speed and a three-speed with reverse were available options at no additional cost.

Aside from the hydraulic lifters, the Panhead also offered new cylinder heads, which were completely redesigned from the previous models. Harley-Davidson had seen the advantage of aluminum construction, correctly believing that aluminum would be cheap and plentiful following the war, and because aluminum heads shed heat faster than iron.

The new motorcycles for 1948 were available in four different colors: Azure Blue, Flight Red, Brilliant Black and, for the Police Group only, Police Silver. Paint was applied only after parts were first treated with a bonding agent (“Bonderizing”) that also acted as a protection against corrosion.

Now, the historic first Panhead, the 1948 Harley-Davidson® FL, is re-created in a precision-engineered replica from Franklin Mint Precision Models. The First Panhead: 1948 FL is crafted in authentic detail and truly captures the excitement of this magnificent motorcycle. It is certain to be admired by all who see it.

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