Franklin Mint / 1868 Wells Fargo Stagecoach / 1:16th Scale

Maroon & Yellow

  In 1851 Henry Wells and William Fargo, directors at American Express Company, planned a business specifically devoted to providing mail and banking services to the California mining camps. On March 18, 1852, Wells Fargo became an American Express subsidiary. Railroad cars, riverboats, freight wagons, pony express and mule trains were pressed into service for this purpose with a modicum of success. In 1868 Wells Fargo received thirty Concord nine-passenger stagecoaches from the Abbot, Downing Company of Concord, New Hampshire. The basic model weighed approximately 2100 pounds and boasted a wheelbase of 12 feet. With its most usual equine complement of three double teams, it packed six horsepower, 24-hoof drive.

  The model is big, heavy, and in person, extraordinarily beautiful! The wheels are diecast. Infinitely small pinstripes adorn them, the hubs and the undercarriage work. The steering, handbrake, doors and harnesses are functional. Genuine leather straps and window shades lend an authentic touch. The model comes with plenty of accessories, including a thirteen-piece set of luggage, suitcases, required strongbox, three double-barrel shotguns and a repeating rifle. Also included are a replica Express Route map, reward poster.

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