Franklin Mint / 1949 Ford Model 79 Surfer Woody Station Wagon / FM Discontinued / 1:24th Scale

Seamist Green w/ Surf Boards

  This was a two-door station wagon, factory priced at $2,264. There were 31,412 production units sold by Ford that year including sixes and V-8's. Called the L-head, the V-8 displaced 239 cubic inches and produced an even 100 horses @3,600 rpm, through a single Holley one-barrel carburetor. Who knows how many of these were snatched up by the surfer-set, because for board room, gear carry and sheer good looks, this one had it "locked".

  In Seamist Green, with just the right amount of chrome, the model sparkles like the splashing surf it travels to greet. Liberally coated in wood veneer on the "woody" sides and into the rear quarters of the wagon bed, it achieves just the right effect of realism. (The darker of the two woods is real.) The seat backs tilt forward, passenger areas and door panels are perfectly detailed and door gaps are virtually non-existent. Engine detail is great, though wiring is not present. Very thoughtfully carried out, there are nice features everywhere. A chrome roof rack, a dozen surf decals on each side, a surfer "shooting the curl" set as a hood ornament and two wooden surfboards accent the model wonderfully. This is a wagon that hints to a hot rod past. The "Ford" inscribed hubcaps are "baby moons". A single exhaust that exits, under the car just before the rear wheels, as duals, are chrome tipped and equipped with "Cherry Bomb" type mufflers in appropriate red, of course. The rear tires are wider than the fronts, for traction in sand maybe?

  The base or stand for the Woody is replicated as beach sand replete with detail and even 9 genuine, tiny seashells. There are even tire tracks to match the narrow front and wide rear tires, embossed in the sand. A button that the car sits above, activates an excerpt of Jan & Dean's "Surf City". Four watch batteries power it. Covered in a nice acrylic case, this becomes a time capsule of the surf culture that was American at its best.

from the "Peach State" Franklin Mint Collection

Part #: XL08

Condition: Mint in the box but BASE NEEDS NEW BATTERIES

Price: $250.00

Status: In Stock

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