Franklin Mint / 1933 Ford Dillinger's Deluxe Tudor / FM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale


    This model represents the 1933 Ford Deluxe that notorious criminal John Dillinger used. As FBI's Public Enemy #1, Dillinger wanted the best car he could steal for the job of robbing banks and making quick escapes. Ford's Deluxe Sedan with its V-8 power was unfortunately ideally suited to the task.

    The model is wonderfully replicated in gleaming black paint and accented with a fine red dual-pinstripe. The wheels, photo etched metal, are red to beautifully contrast the body. The interior, viewed through the open suicide door, is beige with brown trim. The grille is photo etched metal. Beneath the hood is a fabulous engine. It is wired accurately, plumbed correctly and even sports the informational stickers in perfect 1:24th scale. Miniaturized throttle and choke linkage is included. The fit of the hood and doors is impeccable. The car has been researched so well that even the correct 1933 Wisconsin plates are duplicated. As with the other gangster rides, we are given cool accessories. There's a bulletproof vest, flexibly designed to be placed over the edge of a seat, a Fedora hat, a strongbox and firearms. These include two Thompson sub-machine guns, two revolvers and a specially made auto-loading pistol said to be a "Dillinger-design". As with the Bonnie & Clyde diecast, money bags are included with Dillinger's car.

Part #: YF78

Condition: Mint in the box w/ papers

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD! Thanks Duane

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