Franklin Mint / 1940 Ford Pickup "Old Reliable" / 1:24th Scale

Rusty Brown

 This model is the "Old Reliable" '40 Ford pickup that FM did to resemble an old junker that's been rusting away out in the fields for years. FM went beyond ordinary detailing on this model, but that's why they call it precision, right?.  Flanking the busted up grille is a yellowed headlight on one side and a missing headlight on the other. The wiring harness for the bulb hangs out. Specks of chrome show through the rusty bumper and this detail is also used on the wheels. The dirty old flathead must have still been running when the old girl was parked, probably never to run again. Both cables are still connected to the  battery. A  piece of wood is supplied to prop up the hood. In the pickup bed is a trans, tool box, hammer, an old spare tire, a cinder block and a corroded engine block.

 The windshield and rear glass have realistic cracks in them. Basically, the whole interior is filthy, not having been cleaned in years. Stuffing spills out from the torn and beat up vinyl seat cushion and a duct tape patch is on the seatback. A couple of magazines rest on the seat. Strewn on the floor is an old winter hat, an empty Cola six pack and crushed cans. Some wires hang out of the empty holes in the dashboard where the radio and gauge cluster used to be.

The weathered body is splattered with mud and applied in a way as if the truck was driven thru mud puddles. The tire treads are full of mud and the undercarriage is also spattered. You get the idea.  Don't wait forever on this one. It's on the FM endangered species list.

from "Nikki's Orlando" Franklin Mint Collection

Part #: YS96

Condition: Mint in the Box, No Papers

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD! Thanks William

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