Unique Replicas / 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible - 50th Anniversary Edition / Ltd. Ed. 1,957 / 1:24th scale

Brushed Aluminum

This beautiful 1957 Bel Air is truly a work of art, a collector's jewel.

Model Features:

   Each unit is personalized by their own unique characteristics. The body casting is first dipped into a chrome solution, then hand brushed individually. This ensures a special characteristic in each unit that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The process of chroming is intricate and requires skillful accuracy with handling as well as many diligent quality checks, for the simplest of mistakes may ruin the product. After each unit goes through the process of constant checks for imperfections, the other parts are then carefully added to give the final product. Before every order is shipped, a final check is then conducted before the serial number as well as the certificate of authenticity is issued to ensure that the product has no defects.

Part #: 01957

Condition: New in the Box

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