Danbury Mint / 1969 Corvette ZL-1 T-Top Coupe 427-430 HP / DM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale

Daytona Yellow w/ black stripe

  Talk about rare Corvettes. In 1969 Chevrolet Engineering built an all aluminum big block 427 utilizing the aluminum heads from their L89 427 introduced in 1967. Advertised at 430 horsepower, the ZL-1 coded option added over $4,000 to the cost of the car. These engines were underrated purposely to keep them off the streets and out of the hands of unskilled drivers. They produced over 525 horsepower in reality but with open exhaust systems and in racing trim, as intended, Chevy now says they produced more in the way of 560 to 585 stout, stomping ponies! No wonder at the cost of the option and supposedly producing less power than the cheaper L71, Chevrolet only sold two such cars. Both are coupes. A white with black center stripe version is currently in the Kevin Suydam Collection. The car modeled here by Danbury is owned by Roger Judski of Roger’s Corvettes in Maitland, Florida.

  Since this is a verifiably historical automobile, accuracy was a must to Danbury Mint. The paint is gorgeous; richly applied, even and smooth. The black striping constitutes a broad band reaching across the nose of the car, then tapering to a point as it turns and dramatically races rearward. It is outlined by a thin pinstripe that intersects the front photo-etched crossed flags insignia and DM nailed it. The Stingray emblems and ‘Corvette’ script on the rear valance are chrome-foiled. The crossed flag emblem on the working gas filler lid on the rear deck is also photo-etched metal matching the front emblem. Underneath, below the driver’s side grill intake is a small button that DM designed to ease the opening of the headlamps. A pen is ideal for this purpose. Push it slightly and you will open the hidden lights. They are highly realistic. While there, be sure to take in all that the chassis has to offer. The suspension, not unlike their 1970 coupe, works remarkably well. In front, the upper and lower cradle arms move together and the springs compress and steering linkage and tie rods move in harmony. The rear independent suspension moves just like the real car. The leaf springs, coil springs and even the shocks work in unison. Take note of the exhaust system. The pipes turn and curve as they leave the headers and exit on the side shrouded by the separately fabricated chromed anti-burn shielding. The spare tire holder opens to release the spare. The parking lights, tail lights and side markers are all plastic rather than ‘paint-ons’ and yield a realistic look. Air vents, fore of the windshield and aft of the rear backlight, are treated to a black wash that adds depth and dimension.

  The interior is one the Al Knoch would be proud of.. The fine detail of the window cranks, door pulls and dash details will amaze the most critical collector among us. The dash gauges and console highlights are wonderfully done, as is the leather seats and fabric belts. Note that there is a radio blanking plate, since this was a "radio-delete" car, as was the L88. Also see the tiny emissions sticker just below the parking brake. Flip a seat forward and you can see the three opening storage compartments. The battery may be seen residing in the compartment behind the driver, the jack in the bin behind the passenger’s seat and the center for gas money and speeding tickets. The T-top panels fit precisely thanks to two locating pins on each. Of course the show stopper is below the domed hood, marked so conspicuously with, “427” on either side. Notice the air intake seal on the underneath side of the hood and the working suspension rod that holds the hood open. Every conceivable wire, tube, label and hose is authentically reproduced in perfect detail. The fan even turns. The ZL-1 looks nearly identical to the L88, with the exception that, rather than orange, the block, heads, water pump, etc. are all raw aluminum (silver) and the oil sump is black. Now that’s one big block beauty!

Part #: DM1376M

Condition: Mint in the Box w/ title , care & color brochure

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD! Thanks Frank

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