Danbury Mint / 1953 Chevrolet Good Humor Ice Cream Truck / DM Discontinued / 1:24th Scale


Good Humor ice cream truck is sure to bring back memories. The two freezer doors open, one on the passenger side and one in the rear of the truck. The bells don't ring, but they do move when you pull the cord, and the suspension in the rear operates. The steering works, the hood opens to reveal a 6 cylinder engine with wiring and an  fuel line from the fuel pump to the carburetor, looking so real that you could swear it was the real thing. In the freezer compartment, if you shine a light in through the side door and look down in at an angle, you can see "wood" slats on the floor so the ice cream doesn't stick to the floor. The fit of the hood and body panels is precise and the advertising signs showcase the superior level of detail we've come to expect from Danbury Mint.

Part #: DM927M


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