Danbury Mint / 1953 Chevrolet Series 3800 Wrecker / 1:24th Scale

Red & Yellow

  This is the larger 3800 truck with a longer wheelbase and heavier chassis etc. The fit and finish are flawless . The cab on this truck is the five window version, the interior is all business and highly detailed. Under the hood the engine is fully plumed. The real work of art is the dual tow booms and how they function. If you're in a hurry to hook up ,DM provides a "quick hookup" cradle, but if you want to be realistic you get all the chains you need to make an accurate hook up. The toolbox on the rear is removable and holds the crank for the tow booms and the extra tow chains.

Part #: DM958M

Condition: #1 New in the box w/o papers

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD!

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