Danbury Mint / 1957 Mercury Montclair Convertible / DM Discontinued / 1:24th Scale

Pacific Blue & Nantucket Blue

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  What a perfect choice for a fifties car and great follow-up to the Danbury Mint 1957 Turnpike Cruiser. DM hit a home run with the latter and this Montclair is sure to be as big a hit. A tantalizing bit of eye appeal, the model exudes fifties nostalgia with its color combo and attention to detail. Remember these big cars passing by on the open road? What presence they commanded. Sitting next to any of our 1:24th diecasts, this replica will command the same sort of eye attention. There were 18 solid colors from which to choose in 1957. There were 60, yes 60, “Traditional Two-Tone” combos and 60 “Flo-Tone” combos to pick from. Flo-Tone was essentially a tri-color option. A popular, though more rarely seen combination was code #141, a Pacific Blue over Nantucket Blue, and the equally rare reverse combo, code #140 that DM presents here with the lighter Nantucket Blue over the deep Pacific Blue. The more readily seen two tone color choices of the day were mixed with Classic White rather than two separate colors.

  The Montclair comes devoid of the continental kit and skirts and it appears more mainstream than does the rakish TPC. The interior sports beautiful three-tone seats in medium blue, dark blue and white. DM has found a wonderful fabrication method used to simulate the white centers of the seats. The look and feel is outstanding. Technology found while working on their Cadillac Coupe De Ville? Not as outlandish as Mercury’s TPC interior, it perfectly sets off the exterior combination. Of course the visors fold up and the dash is replicated faithfully. Though the dash is different than the TPC’s, the inside windshield defroster units are shared and a single spotlight was placed, driver’s side. A single antenna adorns the front fender instead of twin masts on the rear of the TPC. Don’t straighten it; its rearward slant is authentic. You may choose to display the car as the wind-in-your-face convertible with the boot snapped down or with the fabric-covered top in place. Both fit very precisely. The top carries the correct accent color stripe and the word, “Phaeton”. DM even modeled the rear welt line and chrome attachment hardware. Inside the top, you will find the realistic chrome folding top mechanism.

  The engine is awash in all its glory; wires, cables, fuel lines. We’ve almost come to expect yet overlook its magnificence. DM has long been a leader in the industry in recreating that realism under the hood. The same holds true for the trunk. The jacking instructions are clear, the floor covering is authentic fabric material and the spare tire removes. I really like the close-up look of the wheel covers. The Montclair covers are a blend of frosted and shiny chrome. The replication was painstakingly achieved brilliantly. Photo-etched emblems set this model apart from previous releases.

Part #: DM1342M

Condition: Mint in the box w/ papers

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD! Thanks Tom

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