Danbury Mint / 1959 Ford Thunderbird Coupe / Limited Edition 5000 / 1:24th Scale

Tahitian Bronze

    This is the second “Square Bird” (1958-1960) from Danbury; this iteration, a numbered limited edition. In Tahitian Bronze Metallic with a Colonial White roof, the model is simply striking. Setting it off further is a tan and white interior with white steering wheel rim. This is a great color choice and combo for the ’59 T-Bird; it accents the style, shape and design of the body with its square-backed roofline, spectacularly. DM nailed the stance and overall shape of the car and did due justice to the integral unitized body treatment that Ford bestowed on the square birds by faithfully capturing all the intricacies of the car, from bottom to top.

    This is no warmed over repaint of the ’58 with an added hard top. It is all new and exciting. There were some subtle nuances that differentiated the two model years and DM paid proper attention to all of them. There was a small front end change and the option of a bigger 430 CI V-8 this year. The ’59’s face has a horizontal tube-like grill so reminiscent of the customs of the day. The ’58 had a mesh type grill appearance. The engine on the ’59 also features the chrome dress-up kit; the air cleaner and valve covers are shined up like sterling silver. DM got the associated changes to the different motor right as well with different wiring and power braking system. Along the sides of the car there is a noticeable change from one year to the next. The tip of the side ‘spear’ of the ’59 has been accented in chrome and the “Thunderbird” script, in chrome metal foil, has been relocated from the front fender to the side spear just inside the formerly-mentioned chrome tip. There was a soft change to the wheel covers and DM got that right too. The outside rearview mirror was moved rearward from the front fender to the front edge of the door. DM moved it on the model accordingly.

    The trunk is completely changed since it does not need to store the convertible top of the ’58. So a standard rear-opening trunk lid is provided. Wait until you see the realism that DM built into the trunk lid hinges. Genuine springs set the mood. The plaid mat is in place and the tire iron and jacking gear is stored on the floor and the spare tire comes out. The license plate still folds down as it does on the ’58 to reveal the gas filler cap. The interior is resplendent detail. Once past the internally hinged doors there are tan and beige seats that await you in finely crafted fashion. The seat bolsters are deeply etched. The seat back fold forward and the dash, gauge and radio replication is awesome. The visors flip down and the hard top receives a unique feature debuted in the convertible. The rear window, when rolled down, appears in the body pocket. The engine bay is specially treated to incredible detailing as well. DM has fabricated all of the right plug wiring, battery cables, brake fluid lines heater hoses, fuel filter lines and carried on below to transmission cooler lines and brake cabling fabricated with small scale metal wires. The suspension is operational.

Part #: DM1437M


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