Danbury Mint / 1960 Ford Thunderbird Coupe / DM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale

Monte Carlo Red

    And as usual, the paint itself is incredible. Not sure who does their wax jobs but he or she needs a raise, it’s impeccable. All the finer points of the previous two square birds have found their way to the sixty. Photo-etched grillwork and chrome foil emblems are in place and we now have a third option, a sunroof. DM now has a hard top, convertible and this in-between little darling. I do not know how DM did it, nor do I want to know. I just know it works and works well. Open a door. Grasp the roof panel between your thumb and finger and slide it back while exerting the tiniest pressure downward. When closed up again, the fit is incredibly tight and seamless. The sunroof option called for an extra $212 from the buyer and this was said to be ‘Detroit’s first manual sunroof’. The book points out the chrome trim to be after market but Ford and its dealers offered a Chrome Dress-up Kit that is a documented Thunderbird accessory. Remember the days of the ‘Baby Birds’ and their chrome dress up kits for the engine bay? Similar option here. It included chrome trim surrounding the taillights, the chrome trim at the leading edge of the hood scoop, the chrome panels behind the headlights and the two chrome discs at the base of the windshield wipers. The car is also equipped with the 430 cubic inch Lincoln Interceptor engine. Ford built only 377 cars so equipped and it is said that only 40 of these are known to still exist. Rare Bird.

    Speaking of which, that rather large lump, men’s size 430, in the engine bay, takes up a good deal of room. But DM treats it with healthy respect and a liberal dose of detail. The finely crafted wiring, plumbing and fuel lines are exquisitely done. Printing on the windshield washer bag and radiator hose is scaled in. And with different color paint treatments, the engines in our diecasts are looking more realistic each day. That detail follows downward to the chassis. The fuel pump is amazing; the oil filter and tranny lines then add more realism still. Check out the working steering assembly piston. The suspension has just the right amount of believable ‘give’ to it. It employs springs up front and leaf springs behind. The doors open on internal hinges and the interior is lush with sixties finery. Check it out – A/C!! Of course the engine has the corresponding compressor and related goodies. The dash, gauges, seats and even floor pedals are so real. You can read the emblem on the steering wheel center and the gauges. And when have you seen this before? The model even has those tiny little hanger hooks on the inside roof to hang your shirt or jacket when traveling. The visors work and so does the antenna. The spare is removable and the jack and tools are remarkably well defined and detailed. So are the wheel covers. They display the valve stem as well.

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