Danbury Mint-GMP / 1985 Buick Grand National / Danbury Car Collectors Club Limited Edition / 1:24 Scale


Manufactured by GMP exclusively for Danbury Mint's Car Collector Club, we managed to obtain a limited supply. Danbury Mint supervised the production of this model to insure that it was precisely re-created, right down to the plumbing and wiring. Open the doors and check out the amazing interior. Readable gauges, seat belts, photo-etched buckles. Even the "Turbo 6" emblems on the headrests are authentically re-created ( seat backs tilt forward). Open the hood to see the Turbo V6, open the trunk to see the spare tire and a set of Grand National floor mats for your interior.. If you're a collector of the GMP Grand National Series, this one is a must have.

Part #: DM1399M


Price: $0.00

Status: SOLD!

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