Danbury Mint / 1958 Corvette Roadster / DM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale

Charcoal w/ Silver Cove

  Into the new high quality tradition of Danbury Mint’s 1953 Corvette, enters the second C1 precision diecast, the 1958 Corvette. Don’t confuse this with the previously issued 1958 Corvette by Franklin Mint. For the technology available in its time the FM car was very well done. With the DM ’58, in this day and age, however, we’re talking about ‘bar raising’ as if done by Shaquille O’Neal on a step latter. The model is painted in Charcoal,a one year only color for the Corvette (and the same color as FM’s previous ’58 Corvette). On this car, it is remarkably handsome, especially with the silver coves and red interior. Also, looking at the ‘Mint’ Corvette replicas, the C1 is dominated by whites, reds, greens and blue. This deep, rich, very slightly metallic Charcoal, is a natural for the simple, exquisite lines of the breed. The paint itself is deep and thoroughly glossy. While FM’s model often appears black, a close look at the new Danbury release confirms that they did indeed capture the perfect nuance of the deep gray color.

  The Vette sits pert and pretty on working suspension. The chassis is done nicely and as with the ’53, it highlights the internal tub in raw, tan fiberglass. Rearward, we see the fully decked out trunk. There’s an instructional sticker affixed to the upper trunk lid and jacking instructions are found on the spare tire cover. The spare is removable and features a miniature jack replicated within the reverse side of the spare. A red rubberized mat covers all. The ‘58’s stubby little antenna raises and lowers. Just ahead of it is a working gas filler door. Perfectly crafted, you might miss it, since it fits so flawlessly into the body. Once again, DM treats us to those wondrous door hinges that look and work so well. You won’t miss dog legs here. The interior is one of the nicer Corvette cabins modeled today. The dash is complete with ‘Corvette’ script beyond the grab bar on the passenger’s side, the speedo and smaller gauges and the amply detailed radio and shift console. The seats are pliable and come with fabric and photoetch metal belts.

  The cove detailing is sharp and crisp and is completed with the Corvette cross-flag emblem in scaled size. The imbedded emblems fore and aft are finely done. The hood of the car shows off an operational prop rod. This car is optioned with code 469C, a dual quad 283ci 270hp V8. Get out the magnifying glass to see the “270“painted in red on the rocker covers. Also use it to fully enjoy the radiator hose clamps. They are miniature marvels in their own right. The small block also features fantastic metal fuel lines and plug wires, seen from underneath the car, as in real life. Even the fan belt is rubberized. Check out the scaled photoetch wipers and the finished look of the roof interior. DM left no stone unturned on this little gem. It looks like DM is becoming the Corvette collector’s diecast haven. A must have; 5 stars.

Part #: DM1330M


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