Danbury Mint / 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible / DM DISCONTINUED / 1:12th (17" long) Scale

Matador Red

  Thank goodness DM has 'car guys' as designers. I'm even more thankful that they are free to dream. This diecast model is what dreams are made of. Dream of everything you have ever wanted or wished for in a classic replica and chances are good it is all here, and then some! First, to my eye, the drop-top beauty is spot-on to the real car, stance, shape and especially functionality. The paint is, as we know it from DM, flawless. The interior is perfect. All exterior badging is polished photo-etch. There are emergency brake cables and brake lines and fuel lines replicated below and there are engine wonders galore. This simply has to be the most realistic model car you have ever seen. Period. Let's get right to the feature-rich action starting up front. Lift the scissors sprung hood. The engine appears capable of starting with all the lines, hoses and wiring. Labeling is faultless. You can remove the dipstick. You can also remove the oil filter. It's right there, in front of the separately fabricated transmission shift linkage. Of course you know that the suspension works like the real one. Go ahead and turn either rear wheel. It turns the drive shaft. When you do this, be sure to watch the radiator fan turn along with the fan belt on the generator. Try to remember, this is no dream. You may want to try out the wipers. Mounted on tiny spring-hinged studs, they operate manually and tilt forward.

  Working rearward, you'll note that the visors work and also unclip to pivot sideways. The vent wings function, though not on operable cranks. The front and rear windows are a different story. Turn their chromed cranks and the windows raise or lower. The mirrors are adjustable. So is the front seat. It slides forward or backward. Of course the seat backs fold forward. You may wish to open the glove box and even the door lock buttons raise and lower. If you choose, floor mats are available for front and rear installation. The same holds true for the fender skirts, leave them off or put them on for cruise night. With them off, you might opt to change a tire. No prob, simply take off the hubcap, screw out the center hub screw and remove the tire from its five studs. Be sure to take in all the brake and suspension detail.

  If it threatens to rain during cruise night, don't fear. Remove the boot, one pin at a time, there are two dozen of them. Flip it forward and raise the top. The fit on my example is about as perfect as I could have dreamt it to be. At the rear of the model, lower those extra-long antennae and open the cavernous trunk. Without very much magnification, you can read the jacking instructions. The floor mat is rubber. The spare is removable. The gas filler door, incorporated into the drivers side rear fin, opens. While you study it be sure to admire the beautiful photoetch rear side trim panel highlighted with a gold photoetched "Bel Air" emblem. Smiling yet? Remember, this is no dream but you may think so when you hear this. With batteries in place, three AAA's hidden under the trunk mat, let's get to the fun stuff. Push the ignition key, with dangling key fob, inward. Next, push in on the light switch, located where it is on the 1:1, left on the dash. Let there be light! Headlights and taillights. Are you old enough to recall the high beam switch location? Right! On the floor to the left of the clutch pedal. Pushing it in brightens the lights. Next, open the doors to see the courtesy lights operate. Still not satisfied? Lift up the turn signal arm and the right turn signal operates. Down, for a left turn. Go ahead, push the brake pedal. Uh-huh, brake lights!

  DM calls this a Museum Masterpiece and I will say that it truly is. I cannot think of a model at more than twice the price that has all the detailing and functionality of this diecast.

Part #: DM1336M

Condition: Mint in the Box

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