Danbury Mint / 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible / DM DISCONTINUED / Limited Edition / 1:24th Scale

Persian Sand

  What I said over two years ago about Danbury’s 1959 Cadillac Series 62 drop top has never been more appropriate than for this model. Allow me to repeat myself. “This was the age of jet styling cues, mine-is-bigger-than-yours and chrome, lots of chrome. Some of these '50's cars featured massive fins and rear bumpers that mimicked jet aircraft afterburners. They were the size of two small economy cars, of today's age, lined up front to back. Chrome outlined most every part of the automobile's form from bumper to bumper.” This variant of DM’s ’59 Caddy is fifties opulence personified and defines that decade better than any car seems capable of. DM captured every facet of this over-the-top automotive styling regardless of scale.

  You might think of this model as the topless version of the revised and revisited Danbury ’59 Coupe De Ville in Vegas Turquoise and Dover White. What I like so much about this model is the ability to see right into the interior and the addition of more chrome! But I’m getting ahead of myself. The first thing you will likely notice about this diecast is the color. Persian Sand Poly is a beautiful mix of Dusty Rose, Lavender and Persimmon. Darker than Cadillac’s Wood Rose Poly, also offered for 1959, it exudes the feel of the day back then. Danbury’s treatment of the paint is awesome. The application is flawless, appearing almost like a pearlescent metallic covered in a light Plum overspray. It looks clear-coated six inches deep. The interior, also in Persian Sand, is completely different than that in the Turquoise Coupe De Ville model. Here, the Eldorado sports front buckets with plush, deep patterning. Of course the seatbacks fold forward. DM went to the trouble of fashioning a fabric-covered storage panel for behind the rear seats. The down-top boot is a three-piece hard cover affair in body color, just like on the real car. The fit is faultless. And again, like the real car, you can break down the three pieces and store them in the trunk. The up-top, covered in white realistic fabric with rear welt line, fits like the proverbial glove. Fix the front first, lining up the two pins under the fixed sunvisors. The back of the top then snaps into place securely and evenly. Little door lock knobs were fitted to the doors. DM considered every detail and instead of using the Coupe De Ville’s chrome vent panel, forward of the windshield and attaching the wipers, they realized that the De Ville’s panel was vertical while the Eldo’s was egg crate. Accuracy is its own reward.

  Outwardly you’ll notice the slightly more narrow whitewalls. More chrome too. The center strip is replaced by chrome trim running from the rear of the front wheel well, under the car’s door, fender skirts, (non-removable despite its apparent look to the contrary) rear fender and up and over the bumper to the top of the door. Don’t miss the perfectly scaled polished metal, “Eldorado” script in your view of the side. They’re located on the car’s lower body on the rear of both front fenders. Photoetched metal is also seen on the front hood emblem and on either side of the front fender spears as wing ornaments. The antenna is retractable and the suspension works. Oh, and don’t forget that the doors literally snap shut and are on hidden hinges. The Biarritz receives a 390 cube three-dual barrel carb engine and DM detailed it precisely. Wires, heater hoses and fluid lines complete the authentication of the engine compartment.

Part #: DM1364M

Serial #961

Condition: Like New Storage Find, Mint in the box, no papers

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD! Thanks Chuck

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