Danbury Mint / 1969 Chevy Nova SS396 / 1:24th Scale


  Danbury Mint tooled up a whole other new muscle car in this Nova. DM decided on a black exterior with black vinyl bucket interior. Outside, all that sets the model off is the chrome and the redline F70-14’s. They mounted them on the popular Rally wheels with chrome trim rings. The chrome trim around the windows, windshield and back glass is precisely done. The ‘for show’ hood vents and the side fender louvers are treated to the plating as well. It also surrounds the side marker lights, made mandatory the year before and in the front units you can see the perfectly scaled, “396”. Usually seen too late to avoid a trouncing, it is the only giveaway to the car’s performance potential. Well, that and the, “SS” emblems on the blacked-out grille and rear valance panel if you knew that they meant trouble. The chrome foiled, “Nova” script is absolutely gorgeous. There are three, both front fenders, above the side louvers and on the rear deck lid. The working antenna is slim and scaled beautifully. Don’t miss the separately formed door lock buttons under each door handle and be sure to catch the well shaped lock knobs too. The rear plate flips open to reveal the gas filler and cap.

  Interior-wise, photo-etch metal sills greet you as you enter and they replicate the, “Body by Fisher” insignia within. The seats fold forward. Each one is flanked by seat belts. The dash, steering wheel, floor pedals and floor shifter are all perfectly carried out in scale and the visors work. The shape and fidelity of the body is perfect to the real car and the ride height and stance of the model is accurate. The doors open on realistic hidden hinges. Doors go into the bodywork like the full sized car. You have to see the chassis detail up close. Brake lines emergency cabling and tranny lines are all fabricated in scale. The headers are cool, as seen from below, and the muffler is colored the right way. The engine block hoist loop is fashioned. The dipstick is seen. From the gold anodized master cylinder we see fluid lines and flex tubing. Heater hose looms, clamps and fittings are readily apparent and don’t overlook the hood’s underside paint treatment. Raise the hood and the scissors hinges are so real you know why Danbury is #1.

from the "James Dean" Danbury Mint Muscle Car Collection

Part #: DM1396M

Condition: Mint in the Box w/ Papers

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD! Thanks Andrew!

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