Danbury Mint / 1968 Dodge Charger - from the movie "Christine" / 1:24th Scale

Medium blue w/ Black Vinyl Top

Click here for larger engine & interior images.

Available from Danbury Mint only to those who purchased the Christine Fury, you can buy it separately here at PhillyMint Diecast. A nice, interesting piece from the cult classic "Christine"( I think it may have appeared in the movie for 5 minutes but lets not go there). When you consider it's produced from older tooling, I'll be disappointed if my friend Tony gives this model a score of more than  7.0 on the "Droolmeter". The truth of the matter is ( and this is especially for you hang tag and title lovers), with the exception of the GMP '87 Grand National, this Charger doesn't stand up to any of GMP's current 1:24 offerings. And my Ltd Ed '70 Judge  blows it's doors off in every way.. Vinny

Part #: DM1397M


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