Danbury Mint / 1957 Corvette Convertible / Museum Masterpiece / 1:12th Scale


    This model has a fully functioning fabric top. Operational high and low beam headlights, taillights, flashing turn signals and pedal-operated brake lights. Side windows crank up and down, rearview mirror is fully adjustable. Windshield wipers sweep across the windshield and pivot upright. Courtesy lights illuminate when the doors are opened. Removable oil dipstick, oil filter, and radiator cap. Hubcaps and front wheels are removable to showcase the brakes and suspension components. Driveshaft, radiator fan, and generator pulley rotate when the rear wheels are turned. Fully functional cowl vent. Gear shift moves through the gears in the "H" pattern. Stamped metal license plate. Each model comes with a serially numbered plaque signifying the replica's place in the edition.

Part #: DM1462M


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