Danbury Mint / 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 / DM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale


  First, the Boss 351 really was an important Mustang milestone. In some ways it marked the changing of the guard. By replacing the Boss 302, and growing substantially in size, it evolved from the image of a ‘pony car’ to a full-on muscle car. In fact the ’71 ‘Stang grew almost 8 inches in length and 6 inches in width over the original Mustang model. The ’71 is remembered for the nearly horizontal rear window. Danbury’s designers captured every nuance of the change and issued a milestone replica of their own. Just consider the engine bay alone and you’re sure to agree with me; but more on that later. Starting from the bottom and working your way around the car from there you will be struck with the considerable attention to infinite detail. DM has pioneered the use of various metal materials to replicate flex tubing and such is again the case here. You can see it in the brake cabling. They have also paid attention to historic accuracy in chassis markings. These were used in originally building the car and are researched closely and re-applied to 1:1’s by top restorers. DM has gone a step farther in adding these to select models. You’ll see Ford’s markings on the oil pan and front anti-sway bar. Look, also, at the incredible detail of the oil filter, the totally realistic metallic paint of the transmission and dual mufflers. They are far better than the old standard paintings. But be completely amazed at the separate moldings and metal work on the trans linkage. Simply the best I have ever seen on a 1:24th model. Then just beyond, check out the genuine metal return spring for the clutch throw-out assembly! It sets the tone for what you will see later in the engine compartment. Of course the suspension is functional. As is the scaled antenna. And DM used the right wheels; Magnum 500’s, and they exhibit great detail contrast between the flat black inset and the chrome outer bright-work with chrome lug nuts. Note, too, the correct Firestone Wide Oval 60 lettering.

  Before I get too far ahead of myself let’s not forget to appreciate the paint, and DM’s great color choice, Light Pewter Metallic, and its flawless application, smooth and shiny. The hockey stick stripes all line up faultlessly and the “Ram Air”, “Boss 351” and “Mustang” scripts are perfectly applied. Open the trunk lid. See the, “Jack Usage and Stowage” caution label? It is perfectly miniaturized. If you remove the ‘gimp’ spare, you’ll see the inflator bottle beneath it. The spare is also labeled and comes with a removable jack. There are some remarkable details in the interior as well. Open the doors; they are on the new-tech hinges, but do not overlook the door locks or well-scaled door handles and window cranks. All details are sharp and crisp, including the fabric seat belts, folding seatbacks, opening floor console door and check this out; a vehicle starting instruction sleeve surrounding the driver’s sun visor. Perfectly readable to the 1:24th collectors among us. A nice new touch DM!

  Ok, it’s time to crack open that dual scooped hood, but not before admiring the flat black paint treatment with infinitely scaled black pinstriping flanking it. The pinstripe separates the flat black paint from the body-color edges of the long hood. Once again, we see the delicately crafted scissors hinges that hold the hood in perfect alignment. To the rear, beautifully formed wipers over the air intake grills. But wait until you see the lengths that the DM guys went to to replicate the Ram Air induction mechanicals on the underside of the hood. Nothing short of dynamic. And DM has this labeling thing down! Perfectly miniaturized labels replicate the 1:1 for the spec sticker on the radiator support, air cleaner label and fan shroud caution sticker. But above and beyond is the replication of the Ford cooling system pamphlet hanging on the radiator! It’s a perfectly scaled folding brochure. The builder’s markings are found here as well and perfectly readable! The driver’s side valve cover is marked with a yellow, “O-K” and carries a tiny code label and instruction sticker. All wiring, plumbing and paint coloration applications are authentic and thoroughly realistic.

  From the standpoint of being an important model, in terms of the increase in level of detail over prior issues, this diecast is more than worthy of a perfect 10.

Part #: DM1459M

Condition: #1 New in the Box w/ title

Price: 0.00

Status: SOLD! Thanks Mike

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