Danbury Mint / 1950 Ford Crestliner 2dr Sedan / DM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale

Sportsman Green & Black

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The Crestliner has a host of new tech and detail. I will try to pay due diligence in pointing out all of the upgrade differences from previous DM '49-'50 Fords. The Sportsman Green/Black paint makes a brasher statement than does the Coronation Red/Black model. It is one of only two paint schemes that FoMoCo offered for 1950. The glossy black accent panel, pretty wild and rakish in its day, wonderfully contrasts the body color along with the black, stippled and twin-seam lined vinyl top.   A more stately Flathead V-8 fills the engine bay, fully plumbed and wired. The firewall and air cleaner receive miniaturized labels. Be sure to check out the scale prop rod to hold the hood up. Itís located in front of the radiator and has a catch that holds it in place when not in use. The Crestlinerís hood is treated to a deluxe metal badging and the lead ornament is replete with clear plastic and chrome. The fixed mast antenna is now an extending two-piece unit. The photo-etched wipers are carried over, thankfully, and they are flawless. There are dual outside rearview mirrors and door handle surrounds in chrome. From a painted simulation, the door locks are now separately fashioned in chrome. Gone are the dogleg hinges from the door and in their place are those wondrous hidden and truly realistic spring metal hinges. The door edge receives a spring-loaded pin that matches up with a striker plate on the rear doorjamb to give us a perfect fit on closure of the door. But before you close it take a minute to explore the wonders of the interior detail. Black carpet adorns the floor and the pedals are now joined by a foot-activated dimmer switch. The door panels have the same fine detail as the í49 Ford but the same fabric as the seats accent the upper portion above the arm rest. Speaking of the seats, the fabric is so realistic you wonít believe your eyes. A center button punch marks each of the front and rear seatbacks. The front seatbacks fold forward. The sills are photo-etched metal and the sunvisors now fold down. Youíll have to have a sharp eye to catch it but there are even little leather straps on the inside roof pillar.

The front vent windows now employ a chrome air deflector on the upper edge of the vent window frame and a gas filler door hides the open gas cap of the í49 Ford. And, yes, it opens. Remember the simulated external trunk hinges? Bye, bye simulation, theyíre now real. The trunk lid opens, as it should in real life, wide and handsome. The lid prop rod, an extending metal affair, folds neatly back into the trunk when the lid is closed. The spare is removable and a metal Ford emblem is affixed to the trunk to match the one on the hood.

Itís hard to pass up any of DM's new releases these days. And with all the surprises in store for the owner of this Crestliner, I can easily recommend it as a donít- pass- it- up addition to your diecast collection!

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