Franklin Mint / 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Coupe / Limited Edition 250 / 1:24th Scale

Champagne Gold

Preorder photo from Franklin Mint was of a Autumn Gold Chevelle. Above Picture is of ACTUAL diecast car!

Approximately 8 1/4" (20.9 cm) in length. Scale 1:24.

The engine, an LS6 450 BHP V8, is fully plumbed and detailed down to the last warning sticker and wins and Cowl Induction. The interior replicates the custom buckets with folding seat backs and with a detailed console and 4-speed stick rising out of the floor.  The body is perfectly proportioned.  All trim is either chromed or tampoed on this car and carries the look and actual feel of the original. The body panels are well fitted and the paint is first rate. The trunk lid even carries jacking instructions as well as tire inflation information. The spare tire is mounted on the floor and caries the same Super Stock wheel as the other four wheels.  Other attention to body detail includes actual suspension, with coils on the front and leaf springs in the rear.  The tires are GOODYEAR POLYGLAS GT super wide tires complete with large legible characters.  The wheel centers sport the delicate "SS" logo.  Each Model is a hand numbered Limited Edition of 250 Pieces.

from the "Garden State Chevrolet" Franklin Mint Collection

Part #: G351

Condition: Mint in the Box

Price: $349.00

Status: In Stock

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