Franklin Mint / 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible / FM Discontinued / FM Test Color 1 of 200(est.) / 1:24th Scale

Matador Red

While working at the Franklin Mint in the sales-customer service departments in the mid-1990's, Franklin Mint released 2 colors of the '57 Chevy Bel Air convertible, Onyx Black and Matador Red. Different regions of the country were promoted to see which would be more popular. This is an example of what a "test color" is. The black version eventually won out  and went into production. The Matador Red version was shelved with a reported 200-500 made available to the public. This model has been in my collection for over years and I can say to those that think Danbury is the the state of the art manufacturer now, DM wasn't in 1995. This mold blows away the Danbury Mint original Harbor Blue '57 Chevy mold from the '80's that DM continues to use to this day. DM with it's rear fins angled wrong and it's front fenders sloped down too steep an angle, put this model next to DM's version and you'll see what I mean. This model is a great example of FM is it's prime. While lacking many of the small detail features we've all come to expect in a precision 1/24, the basic platform of the '57 Chevy is very well executed as the photos show. This model rarely comes up for sale anywhere, call or email if you have any questions. Vinny

Top down only with boot. FM did not offer a top with this model.

Correct Inca Silver spare tire.

Power Pack 283 dual exhaust 4-barrel

Correct convertible "X" frame

Part #: RZ30


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