Franklin Mint / 1947 Harley Davidson Servi-Car / FM Discontinued / 1:10th Scale


  To handle the service trade, Harley-Davidson introduced the Servi-Car “trike” in 1933. It added two rear wheels to a standard Harley, which carried a fairly large cargo box. It was the perfect, economical answer for garages (If the mechanic couldn’t fix the car on the road, it was a simple task to hitch the trike to the car’s rear bumper and tow it with the car, if it were driveable, or tow both with a tow truck.) and delivery-oriented business like florists, bicycle shops, etc. Police departments’ motorcycle divisions liked them because the rear box provided plenty of room for the bulky radios of the day. Servi-cars were a stroke of genius for Harley-Davidson, providing a low-cost, low maintenance, vehicle for a niche market.

  Done in Harley-Davidson black and orange, to look like a Harley delivery vehicle, it really stands out. Because of the 1:10 scale, this is a BIG image indeed. It has working suspensions and pedals and great detailing overall. The rear box lid opens to reveal four miniature boxes of “genuine Harley-Davidson accessories” in a simulated wooden carry-crate – neat.

  Harley produced the Servi-Car for forty years, until it went out of production in 1973 – not a bad run. Its longevity was probably due to its popularity with police departments. Because it was so stable, it garnered an enviable safety record. Today, they’re sought after by collectors for their uniqueness and customization possibilities.

Part #: A753

Condition: Brand New in color Box w/ papers

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