GMP Muscle Cars / 1985 Ford Twister II Mustang / Limited Edition of 500 / 1:18th Scale

White & Black

    In the late 1960's and early 1970's, Ford and their regional district sales offices collaborated on a bunch of regional special edition Mustangs. These promotional special editions were typically intended to either reward a sales district for outstanding sales, to stimulate sales in a sales district or to commemorate a special event. The original Twister was a high performance version of the Ford Mustang and Torino and was an immediate sell-out hit with performance car buffs. The 1985 Twister II is a Mustang with 210- horsepower V-8 engine, 5 speed manual transmission and special exterior trim.

    These wonderful GMP rendered Mustangs feature opening hoods, doors, trunk hatch, functional steering and detailing inside and out that only a fellow 'stang enthusiast would strive to achieve.

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