GMP Muscle Cars / 1986 Buick Grand National Street/Strip / Limited Edition 750 / 1:18th Scale


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In 1986 a new American muscle car was born. Buick's turbocharged and intercooled Grand National. The Grand National model had been around for a few years, but this was the first one with the punch to knock out the competition. This car could run sub-5 second 0-60mph times and run the quarter mile in under 14 seconds...and this was just from the factory. With a few basic modifications this car turned into a silent but violent street beast that could rip off 12 second run on pump gas and then go to the strip on race gas and five its foes 11 second, whistling nightmares. Not bad for a 231ci V-6 engine that got over 23mpg. The 30,000 Buick Grand Nationals produced in 1986 and 1987 are classics today that command the highest respect in the automotive enthusiast world. Their affinity to breathing heavily on the street and strip with just some minor tweaks have earned them the #1 ranking as possibly the greatest pure muscle car of all time.

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