GMP / 1970 Plymouth Supercharged Hemi Road Runner / Limited Edition 996 / 1:18th Scale

Hemi Orange

There's no better way to impose yourself on your fellow man on the street than with a Blown Injected Hemi.  If you saw this big bad B-body rumblin' up next to ya at the red light, you better be bringin' something REALLY big to the party!  When that light turns green, it doesn't mean GO... it means GET IN, SIT DOWN & HOLD ON!

You're not lookin' at a trailer queen, either... this machine gets driven and driven HARD.  Chrome steelies, slicks, no-nonsense black interior, and a nasty orange paint job, this Road Runner is ALL BUSINESS!

...And what really turns up the wick on this animal is the all-aluminum 900+ horsepower 540 CID hemispherical heart thumping between the shock towers.  Harnessing the rage to the rear hides is a race-prepped 4-speed manual and a heavy duty tried-and-true Dana 60.  Now, what more could you ask for...


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