GMP Muscle Cars / 1987 Buick Centennial GNX / Commemorative Limited Edition 2,003 / 1:18th Scale

Black Chrome

Buick’s Centennial 2003 Celebration took place mid-July of this year and will be commemorated by the very special 1:18th scale Centennial 2003 1987 Buick GNX from GMP. The Centennial 2003 Buick logo you see above is on the rear quarter panels in true to form Buick style. The box art includes all the Buick logos from the last 100 years, as well as many pictures of historic Buick automobiles. As with other GMP 1:18th Grand Nationals, hood opens to detailed turbo engine compartment and wheels steer. Doors and trunk do not open.

Part #: 8103


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