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PhillyMint .com For Sale


  2022  marks  my 30 years in diecast

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Hello Guys,

You've landed on the webs #1 portal to almost unlimited diecast car inventory! Examples since I began semi-retirement:

Turned down 1,400 FM & DM collection this year.

Turned down 700 brand new Danbury Mint models in storage since new.

Turned down 5,000 pc collection in 3 story house with just about every kind of diecast on display.

Every day emails/ phone calls with estate collection leads.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.


Why is the first place diecast sellers contact?

High Organic Google Search Results from the .com domain being active since the late 1990s.

 Current Google Serach rankings:

" Buy Franklin & Danbury Mint Diecast model cars"- #1

"Sell Franklin & Danbury Mint Diecast model cars"- #3

"Franklin & Danbury Mint diecast model cars"-  #4

And these results are achieved without any pay-per-click advertising! It's all organic! .

If you want to challenge ebay & other sellers with a dominating presence of in -stock inventory, this is the domain & business you need to own- This property is a sleeping giant that has untapped potential.

 The real value of owning this domain is there to see for those that can look below the surface and go beyond the typical first question I get..." uh, what were were your sales last year?'' It's kind of irrelevant since I stopped working full time in 2019 & began limiting my inventory intake. 

.com domains on the web for over 26 years are hard to find, and when available sell for 6 figures on up. Here's an opportunity to own a portal that was in operation before FM-DM even had a website.

For more details call Vinny 856-352-2632 or BUY IT NOW!

If you're passionate about diecast model cars and want to make money while enjoying your hobby, owning PhillyMint Diecast Model Cars could be for you.

Inventory  1/24 as of 5/16/22: Franklin Mint 119. Danbury Mint 63. GMP-Acme -Hwy 10. Misc 1/18 34

'PhillyMint", a registered U.S. trademark ( just renewed) domain (just renewed) This is the portal to almost unlimited inventory of diecast, ALL BRANDS.

22 years customer list with over 47,500 invoices

End of year sales printouts since 2000.

$6.3 Million in gross sales since 2000.

6,500 Subscribed email newsletter list

Franklin and Danbury Mint files of titles and certificates &  brochures

Serious inquires only please, contact Vinny 856-352-2632 or Buy it Now. 



PRICE: $250,000.00

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