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Precision 1:24th scale

Did it start this way for you?

 The only $1.49 AMT survivors I have left. The rest went the way of the firecracker. The Impala has real working lights front & rear( the switch can be seen below the left quarter). Dig the Barris decal on the trunk of the GTO and the model in the back window( what is it?). Even in '64, I was putting models in models!


What is precision 1:24th scale? Measuring approximately 6"-7" long, it's increased popularity in the past 30 years can be traced in part to former 1:25th scale plastic promo model enthusiasts along with the baby boomers who always wanted to build that AMT or Monogram kit to look just like the picture on the box. Many never could. But today, with the diecast models from Franklin and Danbury, they're better than you could ever hope to build. With operating details that we could only dream of back in the day. Precision 1:24th scale is also collected by just plain car crazy people who satisfy their passion through the diecast hobby. Some "invest". With time, some go up in value, many go down. My advise has always been, have fun and buy the majority of the models you want because you like them, not because of speculation of a big cash-out in the future. 


More blasts from the past!

Every summer Grand mom would buy me a plastic, assembled promo on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, across from Steel Pier. Do you remember the GM Display? It was like a Motorama exhibit.





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