In 2022, we'll begin the 30th Anniversary of our entry into the diecast hobby and 40th year in the "mail-order" business which began with USA-1 interiors in 1982. 

 Place your order 24 hours using our on-line SSL secure shopping carts with PayPal.( You don't have to have a PayPal account to use your credit card, they will just process it like any credit card processing company) We double-box( or "BullittProof" ) window box and styrofoam models (FM-DM). Your diecast collectible is insured with UPS shipping and U.S. Priority Mail. International orders are welcomed. 

Introducing Tru-Mint 100% Money Back Guarantee including pre-paid return UPS shipping. USA only

Get the model as described by Vinny that you ordered or your moneyback*—it’s that simple. Easier than ebays return policy where you have to jump through hoops to get satisfaction, especially with those sellers that state; "NO RETURNS ACCEPTED". Really? Yes, ebay has 12 pictures but they never tell the full story.  Here's how the Tru-Mint program works:

1. You place an order from the PhillyMint website from the page describing the model as I received it & inspected for the first time. Then originally listed on the website.

2. After I receive your order I will then re-inspect the model and notify you of any flaws . You can then decide weather I should ship it or cancel the order & issue a refund. If your phone number is available I will call you and give you a real time description.

3. When I ship the model, included in the box is a PREPAID UPS RETURN LABEL. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase simply attach the label and return it UPS FOR A FULL REFUND WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIPT  . Please send an email to me that you are returning the model.

4 Tru-Mint covers any UPS damage that may occur. It's rare to happen but you are covered. When you return the model I'll deal with UPS claims. You will be issued a full refund

5 Weather you order a $50.00 1/43 model or $1,000.00 1/12th, YOU ARE COVERED.

6 Models must be returned as shipped including original FM/DM packaging.  Subject to our inspection and approval before refund is issued because......

  ..... dishonest collectors who switch their defective model with ours before returning. Don't do it. All of our models are coded. "Switchers" will be posted on my home page.

PhillyMint Tru-Mint 100% Guarantee surpasses ebay diecast sellers return's that simple !' ****vinnys used cars not covered by Tru-Mint .


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