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Vinny's Buyers Policy

The descriptions used on "Vinny's" are not to be confused with other pages on the PhillyMint site or other diecast sites on the internet. Models on Vinny's that are listed with defects are distressed and sold as-is. Models without defects listed are #1 First Quality New or Mint minus paperwork or when noted, styrofoam box only, missing outside box (FM shipping sleeve).  

 The descriptions such as mint, excellent; etc, are used to describe the overall condition of the model WITHOUT THE FLAWS spelled out in the condition column. Obviously a model described as mint, with a broken mirror is not  mint. But by the same token a model played with in the neighbors sandbox is distressed but not to the same degree.  You should have a pretty good idea of the overall condition WITHOUT the defects. ALL "Vinny" SELECTIONS  LISTED ARE NON-RETURNABLE and are sold AS IS. We do our best to describe whatever imperfections or defects that may be present. However, if you discover a defect that we may have missed,  the model is  NOT RETURNABLE-SOLD AS IS, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO UPS DAMAGE CLAIMS. We carefully bubble wrap models that don't have the original box.  We then double-box. Models are sold without papers unless noted .

M or MIB-Mint: Like new as if purchased direct from the manufacturer in the year it was released.

E- Excellent: Always cared for and displayed correctly. Covered or protected, no dust, defects or signs of wear. May need  light cleaning because of display “film” caused by a non-airtight display. Acceptable to most all collectors and diecast enthusiasts.

G- Good: A former"dust car" that may need cleaning and detailing. Minor repair may have been done correctly. A presentable model with all the correct parts.

D- Distressed: Missing parts or damaged. Some can be displayed, others for parts only.





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