Vinny's "Used"Cars

Vinny's Used Cars, a PhillyMint tradition since 1992. They can be displayed proudly as "3-footers" (from three feet away, they look great). Ambitious modelers & do-it-yourselfers can rub out & polish imperfections where noted. In many cases, the paint is like-new, mint in box. Please read the descriptions for details.


from the "Empire State" Mint Condition Franklin Mint Collection

  • This storage find was opened for inspection only, boxes were opened for inspection by me & never displayed.

  • They were then stored in dry closet bedrooms.

  • Most models have original tissue & protective packing materials.

  • All models I inspected are Tier 1 condition Like New -Mint in Box

  • Since the models were properly stored the paint is glossy, dust free, NO RASH, like-new.

  • Good condition original boxes.

  • Paperwork is not included on most models.

  • Returns are not accepted with this offer.  ESDM

Franklin Mint- in- Box 1/24th scale

Your Choice $19.95 ea

 + $12.95 shipping for 1,

 $7.00 each model thereafter on same order.

( buy 2 models & shipping drops to $10.00 EA!

To order, Call or email

1957 Ford Skyliner Red & white ST54

1989 Ferrari F40 Red SG44

1956 Thunderbird Aqua RT38

1967 VW Bug Yellow SS51

1958 Corvette Black TG76

1948 Tucker Blue ST35

1957 Chevy BelAir hardtop Red & white SG66

1978 Corvette Anniversary Silver ST57

1957 Corvette Red TC55

1954 Mercedes Gullwing KC49

FM Cars of the 50's Package 1 & 2 1/43 17 models

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Vinny's Buyers Policy

The descriptions used on "Vinny's" are not to be confused with other pages on the PhillyMint site or other diecast sites on the internet. Models on Vinny's that are listed with defects are distressed and sold as-is. Models without defects listed are #1 First Quality New or Mint minus paperwork or when noted, styrofoam box only, missing outside box (FM shipping sleeve).  

 The descriptions such as mint, excellent; etc, are used to describe the overall condition of the model WITHOUT THE FLAWS spelled out in the condition column. Obviously a model described as mint, with a broken mirror is not  mint. But by the same token a model played with in the neighbors sandbox is distressed but not to the same degree.  You should have a pretty good idea of the overall condition WITHOUT the defects. ALL "Vinny" SELECTIONS  LISTED ARE NON-RETURNABLE and are sold AS IS. We do our best to describe whatever imperfections or defects that may be present. However, if you discover a defect that we may have missed,  the model is  NOT RETURNABLE-SOLD AS IS, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO UPS DAMAGE CLAIMS. We carefully bubble wrap models that don't have the original box.  We then double-box. Models are sold without papers unless noted .

M or MIB-Mint: Like new as if purchased direct from the manufacturer in the year it was released.

E- Excellent: Always cared for and displayed correctly. Covered or protected, no dust, or major defects, but may be missing small part i.e. mirrors, antennas, wipers. It will be noted in the description. The models may have needed  light cleaning because of display “film” caused by a non-airtight display. There may be minor paint rash on a panel or 2 that could be rubbed and polished out. Acceptable to most all collectors and diecast enthusiasts.

G- Good: A former "dust car" that may need cleaning and detailing. Minor repair may have been done correctly, minor to moderate paint rash may be present. A presentable model with all the correct parts.

D- Distressed: Missing parts, damaged or severe paint rash. Some can be displayed, others for parts only.


PhillyMint Diecast/Vinny's Used Cars has used its best efforts to inspect the item(s) for sale and create descriptions that fairly and adequately depict the type, condition and image of the goods at the time of sale. PhillyMint Diecast makes no express or implied warranties or representations regarding the condition or suitability of the goods and to the extent allowed by law, specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose.





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