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 Founded in 1992, we're celebrating our 26th Anniversary in the diecast industry. This is also our 36th Anniversary in the mail-order business, from 1982-1992 as the premier manufacturer and supplier of classic Chevrolet and  muscle car interiors....USA-1 interiors.  As a result from this background, the PhillyMint staff includes classic car collectors in addition to being diecast enthusiasts.

The Philly Mint Models Diecast Team:
Vinny DiMezza, President and Owner, previously held the position of the #1 diecast telephone sales rep at the Franklin Mint main headquarters in Aston, Pa from the early '90's through 1995. He was also an original member of the Diecast Car Collectors Club also known as the D4C, www.diecast.org. Here are excerpts from a letter from a long time customer & member of the D4C:
" I had the pleasure of meeting Vinny at the Franklin Mint Car Festival in the late '90's while he was demonstrating the new diecast website on his desktop under the D4C tent. It was through his vision that the diecast secondary market was born. It's important to distinguish between pioneers like Vinny and those that imitate his Franklin Mint diecast retailing that now sell mint models. The fact of the matter is Vinny, like others with talent and imagination, took a risk when it would have been easier to stay at The Franklin Mint, also selling dolls, plates, and jewelry like some of his competitors. Others took virtually no risk and are now copying Vinny's concept. Who would you rather do business with, the original or the imitators? I've been a customer of Vinny's PhillyMint since 1993 when I first saw him selling Franklin Mint out of the back of his 1957 Chevy Nomad Station Wagon in Carlisle, and I continue to do so today. Thank you from a long time, satisfied collector". Tom P.

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